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CampGain is a mobile app based “hybrid platform” that combines transactional capabilities of software applications and communication capabilities of social media.

Any group with a large targeted audience can use CampGain for seamless communication and transaction purposes. CampGain comes with inbuilt features which makes it easy to stay connected with the audience and ensures complete security and privacy.

The idea of CampGain came up in mid 2019 where we were discussing the need for an independent and structured platform for effective volunteer management for the impending elections and a suitable platform for celebrities of any genre to manage their fans and stay in touch with them on a personal level.

Base model comes with limited features and is available for…. If you are looking for the PRO version which is fully loaded,we can work out the best price for you!

CampGain is not a replacement for any of your existing social media platforms;rather it combines all the major features of social media and more to give you a 100% personalised platform to stay connected with your audience.App can be customized and downloaded from playstore/appstore in “YOUR” name!

We can give you plenty of reasons..Lets check out a few of the most important ones here…

  1. Instead of using multiple social media platforms, users can connect with their audience through a personalised platform with no restrictions on user volume. 
  2. CampGain is not dependent on any third party algorithms and is devoid of fake/unverified users. 
  3. Own your content and audience and build a community of your choice.
  4. CampGain is designed in such a way that an individual receives messages only from a person who is in his close network of friends / family. This ensures that the sender has the benefit of trust and the receiver is less likely to ignore the message. According to research,61% of users trust the recommendations of friends and family over celebrity endorsements/fake sites/untrusted sources because they are more likely to be honest.
  5. Instead of managing multiple platforms you can curate all content on a single application and share on multiple platforms in a much more organized way through a single click. 
  6. CampGain helps you create and share the “right content” to your audience based on the analytics and reports of the posts that have the highest engagement with your audience. 
  7. CampGain has options to chat with followers and create various groups based on various parameters like hierarchy/ region etc. 
  8. CampGain  has “live” streaming feature to keep the users engaged and for regular interaction with them.
  9. CampGain allows unlimited sharing of content within your network and doesn’t limit the reach of your content. Moreover, it is fully customizable as per your requirement.
  10. Unlike other social media apps where you need to pay each time to “boost” your post, CampGain doesn’t charge you over and over again to reach your target audience. It’s a one time investment which you can count on!
  11. CampGain has data collection feature which can be used for real time updation of user details which is very vital for any organization.
  12. CampGain being a morally & socially responsible social media platform:
  • Does not allow any user to post any comments, photos, videos, etc. that suggest or encourage illegal activity or any content that is hateful or racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive.
  • Through CampGain, users cannot transmit any material in that is disruptive, threatening, profane, abusive, harassing, embarrassing, tortuous, defamatory, obscene, libellous or is an invasion of another’s privacy.

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