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D'Katia Software Technologies is proud to introduce CampGain-the social media platform based application for Campaign Management to reach your target users through personalized messages without any constraints on the user limit. With CampGain, you can experience the magic of reaching a wider audience through the power of Social Networking. Users can share personalized messages, images, news, contents or any information in your network through your desired Social Media platform-in a single click.

Social Media Tool for brand Promotion | Campgain

Why CampGain ?

Political Campaign Management Company | Campgain
Personalised Social Media platform.
CampGain gives access to content posted before signups.
One time investment for your brand promotional activities.
Unlimited sharing of content without any limit & fully customizable as per your requirement.
Real time updation of user data
Brand promotion through influencers
Provides data analytics & customer usage pattern
Based on the concept of “Social Proof”

How CampGain Works?

online election campaign app |Campgain

Who can benefit from CampGain?

CampGain as Marketing Tool

  CampGain app can be downloaded by customers/influencers of the brand. They can share relevant content of the brand and the company to their network of friends and relatives. CampGain provides analytics regarding sales and app installations (from shares to clicks to successful conversions). This helps to identify your most influential customer and track data to the individual customers.

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CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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