Is it the right time for political parties to take the plunge?

Political Parties from around the world constantly struggle with creating an impactful, direct link with the millions of prospective voters who hold their future in their own hands. This generation’s voters have never known a world without the Internet, and more recently, a world without smartphone devices. And with the huge volume of new voters turning 18 and entering the voting pool this year, utilizing the app for political candidates is more important than ever.

Through our political campaign & volunteer management app development services, we help you to make your party reach the constituents. Politicians no longer have to rely on press releases, the media or rallies and meetings to inform the public of their campaign promises and garner support for upcoming elections. They can now reach voters on a more personal level using the power of Referral Marketing.

People have a general aversion to Mass emails/messages and consider them as SPAM and unauthentic/bogus. This rigid repulsion against contextually blind automated bulk mailing, and viral marketing messages, in general, will have an adverse effect on political campaigns and the success of the political candidate at large. But if the same messages are being sent by their friends/family they consider it as genuine because of the trust element associated with the sender. We consider this as an important observation which that should be incorporated in the model of campaign diffusion.

Yes, you can…But the results won’t be the same. We have briefed the differences in detail under “Why CampGain”? Still doubtful…reach out to us and we can have a chat.

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