Election Campaign-The Digital Way!

Winning an election is not everyone’s cup of tea! The winners will always have tales of meticulous planning and aggressive strategies to share! Quite often,success of the candidate has lot more to do with his connect with the voters and how he is placed in the voters’ minds.Voters today are largely tech savvy and it is easier than ever to reach them and assure them that the candidate and party at large works for causes that matters to them the most.

A classic example of the power that a personalised platform can offer was www.My.BarackObama.com Instead of depending on external platforms like Facebook or MySpace,Obama’s campaign was built around this personal platform where they had complete control of the dialogues and nature of content. Content was crafted precisely the way they wanted.This platform was used as a rallying tool to get supporters excited, a messaging centre to communicate with supporters and allow them to directly contact interested voters on behalf of Obama, a revenue raiser and a planning tool to put local supporters in touch with each other and allow them to set up meetings and arrange events.

Fast forward to 2021,you have CampGain,the Election Campaign & Volunteer Management App with all these features and much more to help you digitally reach the voters and do your campaign in a smart and savvy way.

CampGain is developed around 3 critical ideas which are also the strategic factors as far as winning an election is concerned.

1. Creating a positive image about the candidate and the party.

2. Volunteer Management at grass root level

3. Data Analysis & Historical Reports to understand the voting pattern.

CampGain- Personalised platform for Social Media Management

CampGain offers a platform where candidates can curate and share content to their voters through their volunteers.This will ensure that each volunteer shares content to the people in his or her network and since the receiver is acquainted with the sender,there is an element of trust throughout the process. More importantly, through CampGain,you can ensure that only relevant content is shared with your voters. This ensures that a positive brand image is created in the voter’s minds. Candidates can share anything and everything they need to create and maintain the positive vibe among the voters..

CampGain Volunteer Management App

Volunteers are the backbones of any election campaign.They are the ones who know the voters on a personal level.With CampGain’s Volunteer Management Dashboard, managing your election campaign through thousands of volunteers becomes super easy.The chief election strategist / election manager can assign tasks and manage thousands of volunteers through a single dash board.

CampGain-Analytical Tool for Election Campaign

Another major deciding factor in winning the elections is the floating / swing voters. It is observed that the 3-7 percentage of swing voters in each constituency often decides which way the election is headed. Hence it is very vital to understand previous voting patterns and historical data of a constituency which can help formulate the best campaign that looks appealing and meaningful to the swing voters. CampGain gives you access to previous year’s voting data and provides analytics which helps to strategise your campaign accordingly.

CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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