The Glitz & Glamour of celebrity world!

06 March 2021

Digital Marketing for Politicians in India through CampGain

Quite often, celebrities are the ones who make & set trends. The influence they have on Millenials is colossal and hence it becomes highly imperative that they portray them in the most positive way to the outside world; especially to youngsters. One of the major reasons people love the celebrity world is the mesmerizing glitz ad glamour that it offers. The enthralling red carpet, shutterbugs, fan following, and prodigious paychecks make it all the more tempting.


CampGain-Your perfect digital solution to reach the voters effortlessly

15 jan 2021

Digital Marketing for Politicians in India through CampGain

The Pandemic has confined us to our limited spaces and restricted our movements to an unbelievable level. Along with disrupting our daily lives, it has forced us to be more dependent on technology for even the basic necessities. Things are no different when it comes to the political space. Candidates are forced to think of different and modern strategies to reach their constituents by following healthy practices. The need for a platform to reach maximum voters with minimal efforts is the need of the hour.


Political Campaigns & SocialMedia – The Entangled Affair

14 jan 2021

Digital Marketing for Politicians in India through CampGain

Politics has always been about listening. Woodrow Wilson, who was President of the United States a hundred years ago, said, “The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.” A lot has changed in the last century. With the emergence of social media, political campaigns have started integrating digital strategies to their campaigns. Political parties launching digital marketing campaigns are not a new phenomenon, but the use of social media in their campaigns has increased remarkably.

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