d’Katia’s CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application where users can share pictures, news and other updates within their network of friends and family through any social media platform. CampGain uses the brilliant method of Viral Marketing otherwise known as “Referral Marketing” or “Word of Mouth Marketing” which is a widely popular and successful model for marketing in many parts of the world.

CampGain is also powered on the concept of “Social Proof” and can have a huge impact on the buying decisions of potential customers. To put simply, Social Proof refers to the behaviour of people based on the feedback and actions of others on any given situation where there is an element of ambiguity. This has immense importance when it comes to online business in general as people look for positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers when they are not sure what to buy and from whom. CampGain uses the power of “Social Proof” to bring the much needed yet effective game changing strategy in business. Companies can make use of the product/service reviews from its satisfied customers who act as influencers to shape the buying decisions of people in their known network

Online Referral marketing through campgain app
Online Brand Promotion through campgain app

About d’Katia: With more than a decade of industry presence, d’Katia has always been fascinated with novel business concepts and have proven experience in successful implementation of such projects. Yummybay.com one of the earliest online food ordering portals was a product from d’Katia Software Technologies Yummybay.com was selected as one amongst the Top 100 tech startups in India in 2012 and in 2014, it was selected as Kerala’s Top 10 promising startups.

Another successful product from d’Katia is “CareerBook ERP” which is a complete ERP solution for all types of Educational Institutions. CareerBook ERP is a comprehensive School Management System which takes care of all the administrative and academic requirements of educational institutions and it is fully loaded with 33+ modules to handle various processes from Admission enquiry till Alumni. Today, Careerbook ERP is successfully implemented in more than 1200 institutions across the country. Our service quality and commitment to deliver has gained us clients from different parts of the world. Apart from these in-house products, d’ Katia’s ERP Solutions are being used by leading corporates in various industries like Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Automotive, Media etc

CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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