Flats & residential communities

Through CampGain, apartment complexes can get rid of multiple Whatsapp/Telegram groups and bring all residents under various sections in one single application. All the images, news, updates & ecommerce activities can be curated and circulated efficiently by using CampGain.

Clubs, Alumni & Fans Association

CampGain can be used by clubs, travel groups & Alumni to circulate photos, important circulars, news updates or any vital information to all members in a single click. Fans Associations can use the application to share important dates, photos and other updates amongst the group and with their network also.

Multilevel Marketing Companies

These companies depend largely on the “trust” element of its satisfied customers. Through CampGain, they can leverage the benefit of “Social Proof” in the form of reviews and positive comments and use it for brand building of their products.

Religious Groups/Trusts/NGO

Any large groups with a large pool of volunteers can use CampGain to manage its huge volume of volunteers effortlessly by single click. All the instructions and activity management are easily possible with CampGain. With addon feature of “Donations”, the group in charge can make sure that funds are directed to authorized account only. This will help streamlining of process which can otherwise be cumbersome.

CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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