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Whether you are a B2C or B2B firm, your prime priority should be building brand awareness. People do not buy/invest in your product or service unless they trust your brand. Social media branding is an effective tool for maintaining a consistent brand image in order to build authority, increase customer engagement, boost loyalty and make your brand memorable.

CampGain for Corporates
Companies with an array of products and services can use CampGain to give important updates about new products & services, incentive schemes, promotional videos etc to their entire employees in one click and make sure that all of them engage actively in promoting the new product/service in their network.

As Brand Promotion Tool

  • Social Media based Marketing Tool for effective brand promotion.
  • Helps to build brand awareness and online brand reputation.
  • Collate user reviews,comments,testimonials etc and take necessary actions.
  • Helps to create and share the “right content” to your audience based on the analytics and reports of the posts that has the highest engagement with your audience.
  • Make sure that all the staff engage actively in promoting the new product/service/scheme in their network.
  • Leverage the benefit of “Social Proof” in the form of reviews and positive comments and use it for brand building of your products/services.
  • Holding contests and offering incentives, which would motivate people to spread the word about your business/brand on social networks of your choice.
  • Provides analytics and reports of staff engagement.

As staff Management Tool

  • Create different hierarchies and ensure seamless internal communication throughout the organisation.
  • Send Staff circulars including but not limited to incentive schemes, promotional videos etc to their entire employees in one click
  • Can be used for internal staff management and as a News Portal.
  • Carry out Ecommerce activities
  • As booking portal

CampGain as a marketing tool functions on the simple concept that “more the merrier”. When you use CampGain for marketing your product/service, you are making use of the power of “Viral/Referral Marketing” wherein the marketing is done by people who are your loyal customers within their network of friends and families. Since the receiver of the messages know the sender on a personal level, they are less likely to ignore the message. Moreover the chances of conversion are much higher compared to a normal marketing scenario.

CampGain app can be downloaded by customers/influencers of the brand. They can share relevant content of the brand and the company to their network of friends and relatives. CampGain provides analytics regarding sales and app installations (from shares to clicks to successful conversions). This helps to identify your most influential customer and track data to individual customer.

Why does Referral Marketing work?

  • A word-of-mouth impression drives at least 5x more sales than a paid impression.
  • Customers acquired through word-of-mouth spend 2x more and make 2x as many referrals themselves.
  • Referred leads convert 30% better and have a 16% higher lifetime value than leads acquired via other channels.

According to Jonah Berger, there are six principles of sharing and word-of-mouth:

  1. Currency:We share what makes us look good
  2. Triggers:We share what’s at the top of our minds.
  3. Emotion:We share what we care about.
  4. Public:We imitate what we see people around us are doing.
  5. Practical value:We share things that have value to others.
  6. Stories:We share stories, not information.

Word-of-mouth and referral marketing are cost-effective, powerful, and trusted. When we have a good experience with a brand, product, or service, we’re happy to—and frequently do—share it with others.

Leverage the Enthusiasm of your Loyal Customers

Powerful in their own right are your most loyal customers, which have the potential to become brand advocates. They can increase awareness of your brand and provide powerful social proof, helping other consumers to build trust in your business far more quickly than they otherwise might. CampGain gives you the power to reach your most trusted loyal customers. It further gives you the following options:

  • You can ask for reviews on social networks such as Facebook and Google.
  • Encourage them to submit positive user-generated content, which can then be used in your social media campaigns.
  • Interview satisfied customers and sharing their stories on social media.
  • Holding contests and offering incentives, which would motivate people to spread the word about your business on social networks of your choice.
Volunteer Management App CampGain
Election Campaign App Social Media

Benefits for Companies

  • More focused on providing holistic market data to optimize sales.
  • Reduced Sales Cycle-more emphasis on sales through referrals.
  • Engagement with end user & nurturing of relationship with customers become pivotal.
  • Removes operational hassles and increases marketing productivity.
  • Leverages the use of “Word of mouth” marketing & “Social Proof”.
  • Cost effective way to use your loyal customers as brand ambassadors
CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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