Celebrity Fans Management

Celebrities and Fans –The Inseparable duo

Celebrities are all over social media and that too with the highest followers - keep aside few highly entertaining brands / companies. It is through fans that they build their image-both on and off social media. Their brand image is also based on the level of engagement and connect they have with their audience. So it’shighly important to be “Socially Live and happening”.

Why do celebrities need Social Media Presence ?

  keep their fans updated about new releases, events, tours, behind the scenes, a glimpse of their daily routine and anything and everything which catches their fans’ interests

  To create a buzz and connect with the audience

 To post non promotional stuff so that ordinary people can easily relate with them.

  Whether through philanthropy / charity or heartwarming moments with fans, most of the celebrities would want to show their humane side to the world and they are about more than just money and fame.

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How do they connect?

Celebrities being “brands” like to present themselves in different tones to the world. Some of the big celebrities prefer to portray themselves as highly intellectual, opinionated about current affairs etc where as there are others who wants their fans to think of them as super hilarious and lighthearted

But the key is however you portray yourself, it should be consistent and regular so that the connection with audience stays forever.

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Fans are the backbone of any celebrity. Managing them is difficult as they are spread across the world. With modern day technologies, eventhough it is possible to create various groups and send updates to them on various platforms, there are many challenges associated with this

 People tend to leave unknown Whatsapp groups as they value their time more than anything at present and they prefer to spend less time on Social Media as compared to earlier.

 If they don’t trust the sender / source of information they are highly likely to ignorethe message.

 Fans who join the groups on a later point of time will not have access to earlier posts or information

 No sub groups can be created

 No data available on the type of content that is most liked and shared

How can CampGain help you?


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 CampGain helps you create and share the “right content” to your audience based on the analytics and reports of the posts that has the highest engagement with your audience.

 CampGain has options to chat with followers and create various groups basedon various parameters like hierarchy / regionetc.

 Beyond just likes and retweets, celebrities can drive engagement and connect with their fans by simple interactive sessions

 CampGain also has “live” streaming feature to keep the users engaged and for regular interaction with them.

 CampGain is designed in such a way that an individual receives messages only from a person who is in his close network of friends / family.

 CampGain helps to connect with your fans through your own personalized social media platform.

 Instead of managing multiple platforms you can curate all content on a single application and share on multiple platforms in a much more organized way through a single click.

 Unlike other applications, CampGain gives access to content posted before a person signs up. Posts uploaded prior to signing up is visible.

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