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The Pandemic has confined us to our limited spaces and restricted our movements to an unbelievable level. Along with disrupting our daily lives, it has forced us to be more dependent on technology for even the basic necessities. Things are no different when it comes to the political space. Candidates are forced to think of different and modern strategies to reach their constituents by following healthy practices. The need for a platform to reach maximum voters with minimal efforts is the need of the hour.d'Katia Software Technologies is proud to introduce CampGain-the social media platform-based Volunteer Management app. With CampGain, you can experience the magic of reaching a wider audience through the power of Social Networking. Candidates can share all election updates to the general public through their followers in less than few seconds. Thousands of volunteers will be able to digitally promote their candidate in few clicks.

CampGain is a bright and stylish Political Campaign/Volunteer Management App, where supporters can share campaign pictures, live feed and all the events within the constituency with their supporters and their network. Users can like and share the content on any social media platform within their network of friends and family. Activities of the volunteers can be monitored and analyzed for building a more effective digital campaign strategy. CampGain uses the brilliant method of Viral Marketing which is a widely popular and successful model for Election Campaign in many parts of the world. CampGain is also power packed with Data Collection features which helps the volunteers to collect and update the Voter’s details, especially their contact number and email id on the app. This helps to enable your party to be digitally equipped to meet the campaign requirements. Volunteers can add/delete/modify the details of voters and update the database on real time basis. App is equipped with more features like conducting pre poll survey, issuing voters slips and conducting historical and predictive analysis of data.

How CampGain helps to analyze your political campaign?

Traditional campaigns have been providing data to the candidates in the form of a list of citizens to contact. It hasn’t grown to a level in which it could provide the candidates or the party with analysis for an effective political campaign. Normally, candidates doing election campaign in the traditional way might not have any data or means to address the large list of problems in a constituency and more importantly how they will communicate to the voters if some problem is fixed. This gap might affect the candidates and the party at large in an adverse way. CampGain, as a Volunteer Management App/Digital election campaign app use the data collected from the ground level to construct predictive models to make targeting campaign communications more efficient and to support broader campaign strategies. The predictive models will help to analyze each locality in your contesting constituency.

Predictive Models portrayed on a map the data collected from the ground level using CampGain app is filtered in our big data analysis filters and the results are shown in a pictorial representation. This report helps you to view the predicted votes in each locality and could focus on the areas where you have less presence. Single map view helps in capturing the overall position of the political CampGain Colors are used to focus on the various areas based on classification like most likely, likely and least likely to win

Online Election Campaign App in Kerala
Online Election Campaign App in Kerala
Historical Analysis

The historical data of the past elections (few recent years) are also available in CampGain application which allows to efficiently analyzing the various patterns shown as per the previous data. The predictive data mapped could be easily compared with the historical data for further analysis. The predictive modules portrayed above gives holistic analysis required for the effective political campaign management. More importantly, candidates will be able to communicate with the voters through their volunteers and update them on real time basis of the progressive work that is being done in the constituency. With CampGain, candidates will have an added advantage of being in touch with the voters and generate a feeling that they take the issues of the constituents with great concern. They can make use of the power of Social Media to get that extra mileage amongst the voters

How CampGain helps to reach your constituents effortlessly ? Stay tuned for the next blog from us ..

CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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