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Off late, there have been several instances where Facebook and Twitter has blocked accounts of candidates ahead of Assembly elections citing various reasons. The latest of which is the case of Santhosh Babu, who is contesting from Velachery who has alleged that this could be the work of IT cells of different political parties. Bureaucrat-turned- politician Santhosh Babu, who has been campaigning only online after he tested COVID- 19 positive, is facing another roadblock with Facebook blocking his account. Similarly, Twitter is also under tremendous pressure from the Indian government since it refused to ban 1178 accounts allegedly involved in inciting violence and spreading hatred during the farmer’s protests. Now, the Government of India has come up with a new set of rules called the Intermediary guidelines and Digital media Ethics Code in its effort to hold all the major social media players more accountable and responsible.

Across the world, different governments are coming up with new rules and regulations clearly intended to disrupt the growth strategies of these tech giants. These companies will be under the constant radar of the respective legal bodies and they will have to comply with all the mandatory rules put across by the local governments if they need to operate in those countries.

The necessity of a platform where candidates can stay connected with their voters on a daily basis, where they can “go live” to share important announcements and engage in conversations meant for the improvement of the governance is the need of the hour. More importantly, a platform which is highly personalized and is developed in such a way that all the information will reach its recipients simultaneously no matter what the volume is! A platform where one can curate all the content in one single platform without worrying about losing it one fine day due to any restrictions/new regulations from third-party social media companies.

Digital Marketing for Politicians in India through CampGain

If we take the case of Mr.Santhosh Babu, the MNM candidate from Velachery, Tamil Nadu, he was entirely dependent onsocial media campaignonly as he was admitted to hospital after testing Covid positive. He was aghast when Facebook blocked his account and alleged that this could be the joint work of IT cells of other political parties. And to imagine the sheer horror of losing all those followers and the content one has gathered over a long period of time for “reasons unknown” is tragic.

Personalized Apps like CampGain provides a secure, personalized platform for candidates, celebrities, and corporates to stay connected with their end customers- voters, fans & consumers respectively. Dissemination of information and engaging with your folks was never this easy.CampGain ensures that all your content reaches your target audience without any limits in a very organized way.

CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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