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Temperature is soaring and so is the heat of elections! Ever since elections were announced, all major political parties are in a frenzied effort to reach out to the voters. They are not worried about the scorching sun or adverse climate. All that matters now is the final victory! There is a fine line between a party candidate and a “popular candidate”. Voters resonate easily with a candidate who knows them closely enough and enquires about their well-being than with a hugely iconic figure who is not accessible to them. It is highly essential that the candidate knows the voter in his/her constituency and has a good connection with them.

When it comes to booth-level politics, there are various factors that can affect the final results of the election. Voters can have different political inclination according to their age, religion, location, and family backgrounds. Only if the candidates have these basic details of each voter in his/her constituency, he can formulate the best strategy. Data collection and data segregation play a very important part in identifying and analyzing the behavior pattern of voters.

Whatever be the strategy, the final election day is when the game takes a whole different turn. No matter how much campaign has been done, it is inevitably the voter turn out on polling day that decides the fate of the election. Hence, it is very important that the candidate has the best system to manage the booth level polling too. Candidates should have the data of polled and not polled voters at their fingertips so that they can utilize every single assured vote in his/her constituency.

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Election Booth Management Apps or Booth Management Softwares ensure that maximum voters can be brought to the polling station on election day. They are equipped with the latest technology and enriched with advanced features which help political parties to have all the data within reach on both booth level and constituency level. Election Managers can use volunteers to engage with the voters on the grass-root level using the Volunteer Management App services. During times like these where maintaining social distancing and avoiding huge gatherings are vital for a healthy society, it is highly desirable that political parties make use of advanced technology and stay abreast in this highly competitive race.

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