Historical Analytics

Another major deciding factor in winning the elections is the floating / swing voters. It is observed that the 3-7 percentage of swing voters in each constituency often decides which way the election is headed. Hence it is very vital to understand previous voting patterns and historical data of a constituency which can help formulate the best campaign that looks appealing and meaningful to the swing voters. CampGain gives you access to previous year’s voting data and provides analytics which helps to strategise your campaign accordingly.


-CampGain has inbuilt algorithm to analyze the participation of the volunteer in the online campaign process. This is done by analyzing the login frequency, the number of shares and the user activity in the Camp-Gain application.

-The candidate can easily evaluate the reach of a particular post or idea propagated by the candidate.

-The candidate can analyze the posts that have aroused interest among the volunteers & public by evaluating the share details and could come up with similar posts or contents.

-Post-election analysis could be done by comparing the user activity of the volunteers in the particular area with the votes received for future evaluation.

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 CampGain's inbuilt algorithms help candidates to assess the level of engagement of individual volunteers in terms of the volume of shares done by them

 Provides data on the extent of reach of content and reports on the type of content which has maximum reach

 Level of engagment of the volunteers can be analysed and monitored. Reports on volunteer activity can be generated and used for maximising their effort.

 Reduced Cost per Lead(CPL) & Cost per Acquisition (CPA)ROI can be measured through engagement rates, clicks and click-through rate, conversions, leads acquired, and new fans or followers.

 Predictive Model Analysis helps the candidates to focus on areas where they have less presence and allocate more resource for better results.

  Historical data analysis of a particular region helps the candidate to frame strategies to be deployed in a particular constituency and ensure they maximise their work in that region.

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