CURRENT SCENARIO-What does current digital Marketing companies do?

Online Election Campaign App in India

Result ?

Social Media Marketing for Brand promotion Through CampGain App

Lack of Personalisation

-Receiver ignores the message as the sender is not known to him/her.

-People might leave the whatsapp group thinking it as a nuisance.

-Content gets unnoticed amidst a vast pool of messages/news.

Social Media Detox

-People are increasingly trying to limit the amount of time they spend on social media.

-People choose to detox because they don't trust social media platforms, either due to issues like Fake News or because of privacy and data concerns.

Diminishing Organic Reach

-Unless you are paying Facebook for ads, no one sees your content.

-Algorithm of Facebook limits the reach ofyour content.

Is there a solution to this PROBLEM ?

Political Promotion in India through CampGain


Introducing CampGain to power your Election CAMPAIGNS

By d'Katia Software Technologies Pvt Ltd



Features & Benefits

-Instead of a Single individual/Company handling the campaign management, messages are sent to the voters from volunteers who know them on a personal level.

-Does not look like junk forwards.

-People reads and understands the content, since they trust the source, they will share it to their network.

-Greater reach of content through Viral marketing.

-Reach & engagement of the content is exponentially better and streamlined.

-Route wise Voters list & its updation.

-Issuing of Voters List.

-Sharing of content through any Social Media Platform.

CampGain App is a bright and stylish mobile application for social media tool for brand promotion campaign

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