The Glitz & Glamour of celebrity world!

Quite often, celebrities are the ones who make & set trends. The influence they have on Millenials is colossal and hence it becomes highly imperative that they portray them in the most positive way to the outside world; especially to youngsters. One of the major reasons people love the celebrity world is the mesmerizing glitz ad glamour that it offers. The enthralling red carpet, shutterbugs, fan following, and prodigious paychecks make it all the more tempting.

Agreed that being a celebrity is fun and fabulous. But is there a downside to this? Of course, it has! The perks celebrities enjoy being in the limelight is very often the price they pay to forego their freedom. Many celebrities are in the news for the wrong reasons because of their media value. News houses clearly know that whatever news they give regarding celebrities, the public yearns for more. Most of the time public also tends to forget that celebrities are human beings too and bound to react the way a normal human being does. The level of scrutiny from the public and media that celebrities face every day is insanely high.

Digital Marketing for Politicians in India through CampGain
Digital Marketing for Politicians in India through CampGain

The blinding lights of stardom and fame make the celebrities quite vulnerable and there are many instances where they fall into depression and addiction to drugs etc. The struggle to stay top and to cope with the overwhelming pressure, it is a common sight that celebrities from almost all fields resort to drugs or fall into debilitating and chronic depression. Celebrities who have tasted fame and stardom often find it difficult to pass a phase in their life when they are not in the limelight anymore. In the majority of cases, the transition from normal life to that of a celebrity happens “overnight’ instead of a gradual change. Hence, they become highly insecure by the mere thought of a reverse process of going back to ordinary life.

One way to overcome this pressure from the public and media is to indulge in activities that connect the celebrity with their fans/public. It is very easy for the common man to relate to stars or celebrities who try to do things “the common man’s way”. Celebrities nowadays are very active on social media and try to portray a very normal image in front of their fans. They tweet on current affairs, comment on socially relevant topics, etc, and share pictures of a good deed they have done recently. By all these, they look forward to staying connected with their fans.

Alternatively, they can use Celebrity Apps/Fans Management Apps which offer a platform to stay in touch with their fans. There are few promising apps in this segment as this is still an emerging market. Celebrities who wish to engage with their fans should make use of these applications and make use of technology to stay connected.

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